10 Commandments Christian+Jewish Translation

The 10 Commandments was not given to Moses in English. It was given to Moses, written in a language called “Aramaic” which in that past time was the main written language of the Jews (Whom received it).

On this page we have a product that we do not sell but we suggest you obtain, for an improvement to the quality of your life and future.

The 10 Commandments written in your language AND the original language it was given to Moses in.

This is important because God (Yodh He Waw He) wrote his accurate name onto the 10 commandments which was written as יהוה and Aramaic is read from right to left so that is pronounced in every language as “Yodh He Waw He”.

Okay now that you know the importance of why we are suggesting you get a copy of the 10 Commandments translated in both your language and Aramaic lets look at the suggested product we found that while will not fit for every country (due to different majority languages), we are stationed in the USA so it will fit here, if your main language is not English please search for a dual language translation for yourself, its worth it, its your future.

Temporary Screenshot Of The Product, Seeking Higher Quality Photo Of The Product

Above is the Poster we are suggesting to our English participaters. I apologize the screenshot is blurry, I am seeking a higher quality example of it and will update this page when I get one, I expect it will be sometime this month as I myself bought this poster and its estimated arrival time is in 10 days.

As you can see this poster is beautiful and the website it is sold from allows you to customize it the way you want it. The customizer for the product allows you to add your own text and pictures onto this poster of the 10 Commandments, so for churches that’s a benefit because they can place their logo on it or a custom message.

Thank you for staying with me on this and actually having the patience to continue reading this far.

The link to this dual translation 10 commandments poster is from Zazzle.com and is below.

As a last repeat note, please find the dual translation 10 commandments that fits you best, this one is for English because the majority of our participants is English.

The Ten Commandments in Hebrew Poster

I hope you enjoy the product, once again we dont ourself sell it, its a love driven suggestion.

If you want to view the designer of the posters company page and information the link is below, this link would be the place to message them with questions or view more of their products.

The WORD in HEBREW: Designs & Collections on Zazzle

Thanks for participating in this, doing something good for the future of a person is good for the whole family. We are a team, our efforts to improve ourself and each other benefits our entire future, as the future is shared with every life.

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