The Jerusalem Bible

Do you enjoy originality?

Perhaps you are like me, an English speaker.

However the Tanakh and Old Testament Bible were originally written in Hebrew (Aramaic).

Well I have got a item you may possibly want to add to your collection of religious trinkets.

It is called the “Jerusalem Bible” or “Koren Tanakh”.

It is the Old Testament of the Bible in Dual Translation, including both the Jewish written language and the English written language.

Now you can have a bible with both English and its original writing before it was translated into English.

Take a look at the below screenshot for a preview of it, click to enlarge picture.

It comes from

A Jewish related website which is good because the root of Christianity is Judaism, as Jesus even himself was a Jew.

Here is a quote from their store about the Dual Translation book.

“This Tanach features a modern translation by leading Biblical scholars, a comprehensible Hebrew font, comprehensive transliterations, easy-to-follow annotions, clear text divisions and an array of easy-to-use maps, charts and illustrations to help guide your studies. Boasts a tabbed index for easier access to any Biblical book that you want to read. The perfect gift for a birthday, Bar / Bat Mitzvah, graduation, retirement, holiday or any other special occasion.”

As I am writing this the price is $40 and some cents. That is before shipping and or tax.

Does this excite you? It excited me.

I will post a link to the item in the store below. Click the below link to view the book on their store.

Click Here To Get The Jerusalem Bible

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