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App: WordPress

Our website is made using WordPress and I thought I would take a moment to suggest it to you for your own Website.

With a free plan you get all the necessary features to make a good website.

For $4 a month they will give you increased storage as well as a free .com domain name for a year.

That package also offers a few extras. Their are more expensive packages if your website needs them.

WordPress has a great connections tool which allows itself the ability to automattically post website news on my Facebook and Twitter.

Basically if I add something new to our web site, our Facebook Page, and our Twitter automatically tells our followers.

Its a very useful feature, its easy to setup and their help section explains it.

Above is a picture of the WordPress app in action

As you see I can use the pages button to add new website pages which can then be added to the sites menu. Thats for areas of the site that don’t get changed much, its more for areas of the site you have your menu point too.

With the posts button I can update our Blog area, which on our site is kinda a news, update, and commentary.

For example, what your reading here is made from the post button, its a part of the blog.

With the WordPress designer you can set your home page to display your blog, or you can setup what they call a static page, which is written and designed content to stay one way unless edited.

Those two styles are basically either a news feed blog or a welcoming description.

I chose the blog style and put our description page in the menu under the title “What Is WLTOP”.

I think for a fun factor and also SEO (Search Engine Optimaztion), a blog as the front page is a good choice.

The WordPress designer comes with free widgets.

A widget is a kind of tool or plugin, an example of a widget, is at the footer of our site you can see a display of our Facebook Pages name, picture, description, and it has a button you can press to like it on Facebook.

Widgets are a good way to get things utilized in fun and easy ways. WordPress has a long list of free widgets.

WordPress also has available for premium users a Plugin section that is  available only to high end premium account users.

Those plugins are kinda like widgets but they are a little more advanced.

One example of a plugin they offer is “Yoast SEO”.

Its a really useful Search Engine Optimization improving tool and it is highly rated by its users.

WordPress has a very loyal support staff, if i send a “I Need Help” email, I have gotten that help in less than 48 hours.

Custom themes can be chosen using the WordPress website designer. They offer unique structures for your website depending on which is chosen.

A part of SEO is to submit your URL and SiteMaps to search engines.

3 of the most important search engines to submit to are Google, Bing, and Yandex.

WordPress supports all 3 very easily. You go to the search engines submit page, start an account, and it will give you a HTML Meta code, you copy it and then paste it into a box on WordPress, save and your URL is now searchable.

Make sure you get the links to your websites site map XML files and submit those to the search engine as well. WordPresses help section explains how to do this and if you need more help send them a support ticket.

WordPress boasts that 37% of all websites are created with their company.

I enjoyed writing this post because WordPress has been so good to me. I hope you enjoy our site and if you make your own using WordPress, Congratulations and Good Luck.

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