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Game: Mana Storia

We have a new category.

It is called “Recommendations”.

Basically, if we like a product, a company, or a service, theres a chance we will suggest it using our new category.

Our first recommendation is a new video game on the Google Play Store.

The name of tonights recommendation is “Mana Storia”. A game by KGN Studios.

Look at the above picture for a promo code you can enter into the game for a free gift. The promo code is “GOOGLEPLAY”.

When in the video games town, look for a button at the top left of the screen called “Shop”, click it.

Now that you’re in the shop you will want to scroll down just a bit until you see a area that says “Promo Code”.

Type in “GOOGLEPLAY” using all capital letters. You will recieve 20 instant battle tickets in your mailbox.

The instant battle tickets let you collect the rewards for a battle without actually fighting it. They are useful.

Can’t find your mailbox?

At the bottom left of the screen it says “World”, just above it is an arrow, click the arrow and a menu will open up showing a “Mailbox” button.

Once you open your mailbox go to the “Gifts” tab, the reward is there

Mana Storia is very much like the rpg’s for the classic Super Nintendo.

The cool thing about Mana Storia is that it is a MMORPG, meaning, “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”.

So be prepared to have other people playing that you can team up with.

Lets take a look at some in game features, starting with the bag and equip screen.

As you can see my character named “Beyonder” is level 7, and has hp potions, a sword, and chest armor equipped.

If you click the “Hero” button in the bottom middle of the screen you will see something like this.

If you have stat points free, you can add them on this screen by scrolling down.

Next, lets look at the pet ranch, you should get your first pet, a rabite, by doing the tutorial.

Here you can see my level 3, uncommon rarity, pet Rabite. You level up your pets by fusing them with other unneeded pets.

Next lets peek at battles.

Very nostalgic feel to the battle system if you played the Final Fantasy series for Super Nintendo (SNES).

Anyways, Myself I just started the game tonight, its a new release, the game features multiplayer content like raids and world bosses.

I hope you enjoyed WLTOPs first recommendation.

Good luck, see you in game.

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