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Game: Dungeoning

Today I have a recommendation for a game that is available as “Early Access”, basically its still in beta version but so far its a really good game.

The game feels graphically similar to the classic called “7th Saga” which was a incredibly fun SNES (Super Nintendo) rpg.

The game is effectively an idle type rpg which has a goal to automate parts of gameplay.

Idle rpgs basically offer reward gain while not in game and when you reopen the game you collect those rewards.

Another style to Idle games is when the battles are partially automated. Basically you tell your hero what to do and they keep doing it until you tell them to stop.

Above you can see the battle screen. The hero will fight the current enemy, and once it is defeated, the hero walks forward finding the next enemy.

Before we get too far into this review, I should mention, since the game is still in Beta, it seems there is not yet a save feature, in other words, uninstalling the game deletes your progress. The good news is eventually there will be an account save. Still I suggest you try the game, even though its early, to prepare you for when they update to allow account saving.

Okay back to the content. Monsters drop books called Xp, you can level up your heros by using the Xps or you can spend the Xps on gains to specific stats. Ive heard rumors that a higher luck stat increases the rate at which you gain Xps.

In the above picture you can see the spend Xp Books on stats window. Early on its good to invest in a few Hp levels.

Here we have the equipment window. You can enchant equipment with special spells increasing the stat gain on the equipment.

This game has a merge feature. You can merge enchantment items together, and same equipment can be merged to increase its limits also known as its cap.

Above is a picture of the “Moves” page. You generate stamina and mana, then when you have some, you invest it into your moves. Doing this is a way to increase your damage and defense. The moves are like a training, your move trains by increasing its bar till full, once the move bar is full youll gain points toward damage or defense. Then the bar restarts, doing it again.

This is a single player team game. You can have 5 different characters in your party. You customize each character and are focused on building one at a time, but all your unlocked heros battle together.

I think this game has a lot of potential and I really like the graphics. The content takes a little experience to get comfortable with, but overall its an easy and fun Idle RPG.

Please enjoy the game. Good luck.

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