Website Updates (Major)

A Few Different Updates

Made a Religious Scripture category and its header image.

It will be a category for things like studying bible verses or writings of other religions.

Added a embedded youtube video to our footer, please like and subscribe to our youtube channel, im trying to grow it, more videos soon.

Our Youtube Channel

Added a category search in the footer, now you can view all blog posts in your chosen category.

Changed home page blog post displays from view whole post into view preview.

That will make our home page more structured as now you wont see a super long post fully now, instead youll see a small amount of it with a read more button.

So those are the updates, pretty snazzy huh? šŸ™‚

Today I am going to try and find a way to make available on our site free desktop background art that I made. I tried a widget but it displayed a huge list of 50 with no apparant way to minimize it.

So enjoy the new stuff Im going to go try to find a way to make us a free art download section on our site.

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