Website Updates (Major)

Prayer Category Update

We had a prayer backgrounds page under “WLTOP?” in the menu.

I took the art from it and seperated it into 5 seperate religions.

Now we have “Christianity Prayers”, “Hinduism Prayers”, “Islam Prayers”, “Judaism Prayers”, and “Buddhism Prayers”.

Since in the future its possible we will have hundreds of arts for each religion I felt this necessary.

You can find all 5 religions prayer art in the menu under “WLTOP?”.

I also gave each religion its own custom art header.

At this point Im really glad Ive been saving my wall scroll and kaleidoscope art I made over the last 2 years because its being put to good use on our site, especially for headers.

I really hope you all find some art you like. Ill probably add other religion categories later.

I put a nice notice on each religions page to give the right attitude. Wanna hear it?

“Regardless of what we nickname our Oldest Ancestors, one thing all Religions have in common, We Love Our Oldest Parents.”

Each religions art gallery has that same message.

If I dont fall asleep soon I’ll probably get some more updating done. If I do fall asleep I’ll try to update tonight.

Also to update you on our SEO achievement status.

We have now, a number, give or take, near 100 backlinks to our site. About 2/3 do follow, 1/3 do not follow. The two seperate terms boost our Search Engine Optimization in different ways.

I did a little research on a question of how long it will be until Google notices the backlinks and thus our SEO is updated by them.

I read the average time it can take, is, 4 days on some, and up to 6 months.

Quite a large gap huh?

Well if your like me and your excited for our love to go to the needy and our fun cause to be shared then we will hope Google does it soon.

Can I ask you for a “if you want to do it favor”?

I put a recent comment widget at the bottom of our website, basically on our footer. What it does is it shows the 5 most recent comments made on our website.

I placed that widget there about a month ago. We are doing good getting like button pushes (Thank you for that, much love).

But the favor Im asking is, can anyone, or more than one, of our users, please give a comment.

It will be so greatly appreciated.

Okay Ive been putting effort into our group all night so Im going to take a break, Ill talk to you all, maybe later today, if not, then tonight.

Keeping you all in the prayers I make. Bye for now.

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