Our Achievements

Excitement For WLTOP

Id like to say our church group WLTOP is growing and succeeding.

The whole thing is very exciting and we have more than 300 members in our facebook group.

Ive filled up our Youtube channel with educational and supportive videos.

Our Deviant Art has over 100 free desktop wallpapers available on it.

Our Twitter is new so no followers yet, but I am posting to it for when we do.

On our web site you have access to read and download prayer cards from 5 major religions, such as, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.

We have 5 books released in our “Bohemian Grove Offerings” book series which is mostly scientific theory and family fantasy with some hints of truth.

Our SEO is progressing. Im able to find us on the Google and Bing search engines, though our near 100 recent effort of backlinks hasnt shown yet, thats okay, we Love Google and Bing, we can wait, it will happen.

We have gotten a few likes on our blog posts which was really cool and is much appreciated. We havent got our first comment yet but I have good news, early October our website got 43 views in one day.

With our website being new and still aquiring a following I think that was a job well done.

So yes, Im sure youve noticed, Im both excited and happy.

This group is one of the most fun things I have ever put effort into.

Since I was young I loved family and church, and I wanted to work for a church but I was always too shy and now Ive finally got my toes in the water and I am loving it.

Thank you very much for your support and for reading this.

Lots of love, have a good morning.

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