Our Goals

Prevent Suicide Fundraiser

Facebook offered to team up with us for my birthday to raise money for a charity.

I chose the “American Foundation For Suicide Prevention”.

I have nearly 5000 facebook friends so I set our goal for $5000.

Now for fairness sake I will make effort to do my part.

Ive got it posted to our Facebook page, and its in the announcements section of our Facebook group.

I will try to keep in memory to reshare it on the Facebook news feed daily.

For any of you that can help, please donate $1 or $2 to prevent family members who feel like everyone hates them, from killing themselves.

Remember, were all one family. Sometimes we sadly believe no person loves us. Sometimes we believe theres no hope.

Help us get through those times by pitching in a $1 to pay for counseling.

During suicidal depression, all thats needed to fix it is a loving friend to talk to.

I plan to be donating too, your contributions wont be lonely.

I love you all, the thought of you committing suicide….

Lets prevent suicide, the thought of faling to prevent it is tragic.

Being family, one of the most noble things we can do is to lift each other up emotionally.

Heres the link to the Facebook Fundraiser, your $1 can be mixed in with $$$ from my 4000+ other Facebook friends.

Lets Save Lives Click Here

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