100 Twitter Followers And Growing

A picture saying Our Achievements

Well we did it, we have 100 twitter followers.

Im really excited about our groups future.

If youre reading this, youre awesome.

I really appreciate the courage to join in.

On a side note, I had a problem with the WordPress app (They are our website host) I explained the problem to WordPress customer support and it turns out it is legitimately something they need to fix for us users, so thanks to me and them, were getting a WordPress app update in the future to fix it.

Im being a little boastful but im honestly happy that I helped fix something.

If your curious what the problem was, in the WordPress app I was doing a search for image files on my account using their title and they did not get found.

That a real trouble, so Im glad their gonna fix it.

Also WordPress is an awesome website design and hosting company. They offer a free account or you can pay for more features.


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