Our Achievements

10+ WordPress Followers And First Backlink

We have risen above the 10 WordPress followers milestone to 12 followers.

You see, our website is hosted by WordPress, and I designed it using WordPress tools.

If you have a free WordPress account, you can follow the blogs of WordPress sites.

I have recently been following a lot of other blogs and also leaving them comments. So yay, and thank you to our followers.

In recent posts I mentioned that I submitted around a 100 backlinks. A backlink is when another site has on it, a link to our site.

For search engines like Google and Bing, it can take between 2 days or 6 months for a websites backlinks to be detected.

Congratulations to us! Using this search engine optimization tool called SEO Check we are able to see a search engine has now recognized our first of the 100 backlinks.

The more proper backlinks we get, the higher chance people will find us when searching on Google.

So this is very good for us.

Thanks again to everyone.

Have a good morning, much love.

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