We Are All One Family

The Bible: A Fix For Enmity

Our Youth, The Bible, and Role Play

A Lesson From A Creation

I watched an ad the other day, where 2 men were video game dueling

One said to the other
“Bow before your God”

Something role play and role playing video games has taught me

Is that in stories,
we try to place ourselves where we fit

In rpg video games,
the player is generally the first character in the story and has control of it

We have a sticky emotion to the first character in any story we partake in

In the bible

God is the first character

And while it states he created some people

It is not easy for us to perceive ourselves specifically as that Adam or Eve

So as we go along reading Genesis we creations are constantly trying to find our place

What Ive noticed is that while reading the bible,
if a creation cannot perfectly fit themself into the story,
and early

They start to focus on God

Because he is first in the story,
And the hero

This is half good and half a trouble

Because the reader is so emotionally in depth with the God character

The reader tries to empathize and sympathize with God so much that they have not enough focus of who they are

They are reading a story,
An important one,
About creationism and family history

Yet they do not have place of who they are

Their entire perspective investment is in how awesome it would be if they were God

before your frustrated

I have a suggestion

In the beginning of the bible,
It would be wise,

To specify to the reader that they are a creation, a descendant, a child, of God

The creation reader is already reading the bible half invested that they are a creation, not knowing exactly who or when, and half on “God is so awesome”

It would be very wise to specify to the readers that God is the parent and the reader the child

When we fail to do that

We have children that want to be God

Which is half good half problem

Because it is loving, but it is impossible

We only have one oldest parent

We shouldnt try to be someone were not

Even though fantasy is good

Mental stability is important

We should try to have both,

It is not healthy for creations to believe themselves to be the creator

Lest the creator and creation fight for title

As God in genesis said

Enmity started because of the serpent

And the serpent claimed there was more than one God

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