Loyalty To יהוה‎ (Yodh He Waw He) A Hopeful Prayer

To the reader(s), this is a prayer to the heavenly father, יהוה‎ (Yodh (He) Waw (He)), his english nickname “God”.

Dear יהוה‎
(Yodh (he) Waw (he))

Tonight I come to you apologetic yet loyal

You are my dear friend and role model

Though i seem lonely

I think of how i like you


I am comforted

I have seen many love you

You are charismatic for sure

There is a corruption trying to have me

Even while i worship you

I hear of the corruption

I love these siblings

I love you

Please let me tell you early

I adore you and want to remain loyal to you

Im putting my hope in that this corruption doesnt destroy me and our friendship

But if it grips me

Please fix me

I dont wish to be your enemy

I am afraid i will or am being forced to change

Someone who appreciates your friendship and doesnt want to lose it,
Someone whos resisting sickness,
Someone under force

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