We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Being Safe Compared To Feeling Safe

Schitzophrenia Log
Date: Older Than Cheddar

My schitzophrenia did something good tonight

It mentioned how people love church while their in it

But outside of church

We children of the oldest

Are more shy

Maybe even afraid

We talk about church IN church

Maybe we even talk about it to others who we know go to church

But we have a norm of comfort where we like church but were afraid others wont

An example

Maybe you like talking about religion or ancestors

But you dont talk about it when you want to outside of church because your afraid of disapproval

We should not be afraid to love religion or our ancestors outside of a church building


We are all one family

Buddha said
Do not kill, neither get others to kill

I would like to suggest something similar

Do not make yourself afraid to love religion, neither make others afraid of religion

We are all on the same team

A good thing that grew from what jesus did

Wearing a cross as a necklace

Seems to make people feel safe,
Even outside the church

This is good

No one wants to be afraid of religion

Our ancestor loved us,
They created us

We should never be afraid to love the creator

The creator loves you

If you need to…
Getcha a religious memento like a cross necklace

You deserve to BE safe, yet, really, you also deserve to FEEL safe

More often than not,
we ARE safe,
but we do not FEEL safe

That is basically not comfortable as we all know

Did you suffer yesterday?
What about today?

If you WERE safe you either felt safe or didnt feel safe

But not feeling safe doesnt change when you ARE safe

An example

Think of a day recently you had where you werent harmed

You WERE safe

Even if you worried all day,
were scared, and anxious

You WERE safe

Feeling safe,
we need to practice, cause as we now know

Were mostly safe yet rarely FEEL safe

So get a lucky charm you believe in if needed

And be kind to our police

Now lets talk about why most or all of us are usually safe but feel safe less often

Were on this race track of survival

Always stressing about death

But a good parent does not lose their child,
Nor their investment

You are both

If you are or would be a parent,
Youd want to be a good one yes?

Our creator has the same passion as it feels about you

It does not want to lose its child,
nor investment

A part of your body is the soul,
The soul survives death

Our creator worked itself to years of effort to teach themself how to create family

Now that our creator has us,
What the creator wanted

We are years of an investment

Smart people dont trash investments


Our creator is smart

The Oldest will keep you,
do not worry about distance,
Jesus preached a good shepherd wont lose its sheep

P. S.
With all the stress recently,
I felt I had to take a long winded cheer you up session

Have a good night,

You deserve it,
Yes you 🙂

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