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Sneak Peak Of Book 6

Who wants a free sneaky peaky?

I humbly give you the intro to book 6 of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings”
Book series

“Creator And Creation: Each Having A Time”

In this,
we continue Book 2 of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” book series “Adam Or Adem: Creational Magic”.

A starting point is I am a creation, while I know I have a creator. That in itself, even myself, is proof of creational magic.

We believe in science and use it to guide us, it is a remembrance of our successes, as well as a problem solving tool.

Our goal with this theory and study,
is to have creational magic become comprehended scientifically.

In Adam Or Adem, we looked at what ingredients are put into creational magic to result in a living creation. We noticed that the two basic formula ingredients are time and materials used.

This books intent is to explain and prove why time is one of the ingredients, and materials used is not the only factor determining who the resulted creation will be.

In the bible, our creator, lists that Adam is created using dust. The bible also journals down a time log of the creators successes.
We enjoy our creators journal habits and wish to honor them.

Now to justify the formula in its theory.
A scientific known restriction is that one person is one person. In simple terms, one person cannot be two people. Each person inhabits its current location, and is not located elsewhere.

So with knowing that, it could be questioned. How do we know its not only materials used to create, that determine who is then going to be alive.

The easy answer to that is, our creator can use two sets of the same (duplicated) materials, such as Adam’s dust, to create two creations, yet they cannot be the same person.

We consider other possible formula ingredients, such as location, the creators involvement during the proccess, surrounding area…. But those can actually be in the category of materials used.

So the other consideration is time. Timing when created to be exact.

We easily comprehend one person cannot be two people. We easily comprehend the creator can use the same exact duplicated materials to create a creation. So something must be distinguishing seperately the two creations other than dust.

That is why we consider time to be the other ingredient that determines who will be who when someone is created.

A basic explanation of how we fit time into this study, is that, time is a seperating feature, having links to the Nothing everything began from, and while it is a little mysterious as are most portions of study involving the Nothing everything began from, it is estimated that time can be found in a comprehendable and useable way.

A simpler explanation. The Nothing has, since it began, had as a part of it, a organizer called time. It is similar to what a layer is.

The idea being, while the Nothing grew, a part of its growth was time, and time grew with it.
Adam Or Adem was simplified, while this book is a deeper look at the theory. I will try to make it easy enough to comprehend, that if you put effort into it, you can.

Please remember, this book series is a religious offering, while I do my best to make it a gift available for everyone, its main focus is to please our Heavenly Father. Admittedly, it is a high level of learning.

Enjoy the book.

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