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Book 6 Chapters 2-3 Sneaky Peaky

Book 6 Chapters 2-3 Sneaky Peaky

This book series is a religious offering in connection with Exodus 30:14 of the bible and tanahk.

Exodus 30:14
[14]Every one that passeth among them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give an offering unto the LORD.

Proverbs 17:8
[8]A gift is precious in the eyes of the person that hath it.

Book 6 Chapter 2
Creational magics path of result determination, is that the person created, is determined at the time of creating, once again, because time is a selective ingredient.

Our oldest parent, the creator, has no higher age family and therefore has no parent. It is due to that, our creator began to live with noone else giving them a name.

Our creator found naming and defining to be beneficial, so thus invented words and names.

Our creator named themself, yet, with us created by the Creator, it is common our parent(s) names us.

Another common factor is that a name is chosen for the child early on, maybe even before having a child.

Creational magic creates life, but, who the life will be, whether one person or a different person, it is determined by the creational magic ingredients.

Once again, they are, materials used, and timing created.

For example, if a measurement of dust is used to create an Adam at day 1 hour 1, any change to that formula, equals it will be someone else that is created.

Adams birthright being a exact measure of dust on day 1 hour 1 while the same exact dust used day 1 hour 2 will result in someone else nicknamed Adem.

Adam and Adem are not the same person, even if they could be made of the same amount of dust, the seperating factor, time, causes them to be two seperate people.

They are splitting pathways. We know the two summed ingredient categories are materials and time.

Changing either ingredient, by any amount, forks the paths of who is possible to be created.

In the bibles genesis, Adam was named Adam, but the name of a creation is chosen to identify an individual who already is a complex identity.

Creational magic, does a good job at defining the resulting person. Because God can journal exact materials used, and exact moment (if time can be measured properly).

That then notes the person is exactly that. Which is a identifying result.

While I have written it here, it sounds doable, it probably is, and never will be done, due to difficulty and effort required. Also we would, to do that, firstly, have a exact way of time measurement.

Maybe we will in the future, but as of now time is counted by seconds since time was discovered and attempted to be measured.

A name, one given to a creation, can be chosen, problematically for a pathway of creations, not the exact individual.

Heres the example. God is on day 1, he has decided to create, he has not yet created, he has decided to name the creation “Jacob”. We remember day 1 hour 1 and an exact measurement of dust results in the life nicknamed Adam, but if God creates day 1 hour 2 using the same dust, a seperate life begins, one nicknamed Adem.

Those are 2 people. One will be created and be named “Jacob”.

As you can comprehend, creational magic has a complex path of who will be created. Many are available in each path, only one gets the name Jacob on day 1.

Its a situation of their are a crowd of possible results, the creator wants to name 1 Jacob, only 1 in the crowd can be chosen, but the choosing is done part blindly.

That is due to there not, at least as of yet, being a way to know exactly who will be the result. It is partially a mystery.

Book 6 Chapter 3
We love bonding with our friends. We love bonding with our ancestor(s). Its possible to admit, we have a comfortable feeling that our creator is superior. Yet we enjoy the equalities we have with each other.

We are alive together. We enjoy being smart and having fun. We share and celebrate. We embrace teamwork.

But what is a less talked about area of equality? Our oldest parent, the creator, has no higher age family to be its parent. Yet the life of us and our creator is more comparable than it seems.

Everything began from Nothing is the religious measurement sticks starting point. After that, random happenings of things the Nothing produced mixed together, that is how our Creator started to live. It seems like a secret, but its a fun fact.

Our creators tie to its beginning, led it to discover creational magic, which is a altered, yet, duplicated process, that our creator went through to begin to live.

In short, our creator first studied how they themself began to live, they then used the learnings to invent creational magic.

Arent we just a lucky bunch? Due to the Nothing we have a large amount of benefits.
The Nothing gave us our creator, space, materials, and is even mysteriously linked to our own lives.

While the creator did create us, part of the thanks goes to the Nothing.

So weve talked about some similarities and some differences, but wheres the spectacular equality we all want?

Our creator and us creations, we all began to live in the Nothing, made of things the Nothing produced.

Our creator said Adam was made of dust, with the image of the creator being similared. It though, is also true, the creator is made of the Nothings produced materials.

With the creational magic theory, it seems certain there is a very interesting equality shared between creator and creation.

To begin to live in the Nothing, we are each linked to a moment, a mysterious piece of the Nothing, labled time.

To be more specific, both the creator and creation are fashioned, having a time imprint.
A time imprint can be easy enough at this point to comprehend. Each life in the Nothing, when its materials are put together, it begins to live at a specific time, chosenly.

An example, a sheet of paper, lines on it looking like a fork. Each area seperated in a listing fashion, showing exact materials used and exact moment created equals a result of, and then listing a name for that result.

Here we can use Adam and Adem again. Imagine the below is on that sheet of paper with forked pathways.

This example is a creational magic result sheet, a who can be who.

Adam, 1 gallon dust, day 1, hour 1, minute 1, second 1.

Adem, 1 gallon dust, day 1, hour 1, minute 1, second 2.

Eve, 2 gallons dust, day 1, hour 1, minute 1, second 1.

Eva, 2 gallons dust, day 1, hour 1, minute 1, second 2.

Once again, the formula is timing created, and materials used.

The above note sheet displays that since their is a ingredient difference, the result of who will be created, can be different.

The timing on the list is a simplified explanation of what a time imprint is, but off of paper, its more of an actual connection to ones place in the Nothing.

Now I know you love the creator, enjoy your “time” with them.

Book 6 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings Series

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