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Video Game Suggestion “Rabbit In The Moon”

If you like idle rpgs or auto battle rpgs, “Rabbit In The Moon” can possibly entertain you.

While its not completely idle, its auto battle mode can be set to progress to further stages or to repeat stages, thus patching onto it a idle style.

Its graphics are beautiful and have a old fashioned feel to them. If youve read my previous video game suggestions you know I like the Super Nintendo style in modern games.

While this video game does make use of a gatcha hero collecting summoning, it is generous with strong heroes.

To further add idle game features, you can spend gold to get passive buffs with your leaders page.

While im finding and beginning this game tonight, I am very pleased with it.

Its due to mention, there are many modes, including a town builder which adds more features.

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Have a good night.

Much love. ❤

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