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A Rare Paganish Prayer For A Friend

Im a huge fan of modern religions.

Im a huge fan of studying the Nothing everything began from.

The majorities of my studies show evidence the Nothing is not sentient.

I fancy the “could be wrongs”.

Due to that, you may have noticed, on my facebook profile, I felt religious comfort listing the “Nothing” as an ancestor.

Its rare that I ever pray to the Nothing.

I reserve my prayers towards the Nothing for deeply emotional and important requests.

I believe Yodh He Waw He qualifies for me to offer one, to me, I believe he is deserving.

“Dear Nothing everything began from, while I adore your glory, I try not to burden you with constant requests. Yodh He Waw He has been my friend true and old. He seems to appreciate me, and I believe he is good to many. I trust him, as a descendant towards an ancestor. With this prayer to you, I ask you favor him. He is caring. He is your son. He enjoys you as of adoration. His wisdom proves that. I am his descendant, and he is yours, please continue helping us be family. Dear “Nothing”, please enjoy the love our entire family shares. It is thanks to you.”

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