A Rare Paganish Prayer For A Friend

Im a huge fan of modern religions.

Im a huge fan of studying the Nothing everything began from.

The majorities of my studies show evidence the Nothing is not sentient.

I fancy the “could be wrongs”.

Due to that, you may have noticed, on my facebook profile, I felt religious comfort listing the “Nothing” as an ancestor.

Its rare that I ever pray to the Nothing.

I reserve my prayers towards the Nothing for deeply emotional and important requests.

I believe Yodh He Waw He qualifies for me to offer one, to me, I believe he is deserving.

“Dear Nothing everything began from, while I adore your glory, I try not to burden you with constant requests. Yodh He Waw He has been my friend true and old. He seems to appreciate me, and I believe he is good to many. I trust him, as a descendant towards an ancestor. With this prayer to you, I ask you favor him. He is caring. He is your son. He enjoys you as of adoration. His wisdom proves that. I am his descendant, and he is yours, please continue helping us be family. Dear “Nothing”, please enjoy the love our entire family shares. It is thanks to you.”

Published by We Love The Oldest Parents (David Robert Quigley)

We are all one family. Call them God, or Goddess, they're still our parents.

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