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My New Favorite Game “Elona Online”

New Snes-like Online Rpg

In Early Release

“Elona Online”

So I downloaded the game and tested it.

It is glorious.

Christmas Trees

Since its in prerelease
You can play it now,
but when they release the game out of Beta, they will be starting users accounts over

The game has an amazing amount of character customization

The content is Beautiful and classy

I wont be playing much until its out of early access because I dont want to lose progress

Below Ill post pictures of what I experienced

I suggest checking on the status of the game from time to time,
Because once its out of early release,
We can play and keep our saves

I have no clue how long early release will last

Average games in similar situations,
About a month

Heres a link to the game on the Google Play Store

Elona Online Google Play Store

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