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Bohemian Grove Offerings Book Series, Updates and Teasers

Bohemian Grove Offerings book series Updates
With New Book Note Teasers:

Book 1 has
Near 55,000 views on Webnovel

Book 6 just reached past
the 1,000 view count

Pictures of statistics attached

The free books are a religious offering studying the topics of space and matter, creational magic, the Nothing everything began from, desires, and the Oldest Parent (our creator, ancestor)

There are going to be 10 books in the series
5 beginner books, 5 advanced books, 2 books each topic

Currently 6 books are released

To get a free copy of any of the books, visit the Google Play Store at the below link

Heres a sneak peak at books 7-10 using the notes for them, if some of it is confusing, you can comprehend it when you read the previous books in series, starting from book 1 “Existence Hollowed: Our Origins”

Book Continuations Notes
Make sure each book is more than half new content of topics

-Space and Matter
*Resulted makings such as trees, souls, flesh (made from dust)
*Fire and its mysteries
*Water a liquid aura
*Dirt = liquid burned
(burned liquid makes solid matter, fire dissipates, remnant dissolvant decays the solid matter, makes dust, water dust and fire again, makes dirt)
(how the planet was made)
*Kirlian photography
*Quick look at the resources source being the Nothing+Friction (deeper analysis in Nothing continuation)

-The Nothing Everything Began From
*What if the nothing were alive
*Outside the nothing a possibility?
*The oldest parents religious thoughts respectively (repetitive)
*How time is involved with the nothing
*Friction a source of diverse magics due to mixtures (Nothing frictioned on itself leading to resources and life)
*Nothing prayers and worship
*A person who had no beggining, always lived, how could it be possible

*Blessings what they are and how to get them
*Love a desire since the beginning
*Parent and Child relationship
*Siblings and why their priceless
*Marriage why its so valuable
*Exodus 30:14 bonding with Yodh He Waw He the Lord
*Every good deed is witnessed by the Oldest Parent

-Oldest Parents Life
*Creator and Creation Bonding
*Starting with no name (repetitive topic)
*How to be easy and love someone who has no parents
*A emotional driven situation of the Nothing as a parent
*Started life partly immortal due to the Nothing (repetitive)
*A constant improver, but for what purpose?

Click below pictures to get a view of how the books are doing on WebNovel.

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