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Old Nothing and New Nothing Study Note For New Book

Everything began from Nothing.

The old Nothing had no limit.

The old Nothing had no wall.

The new Nothing, the something, is filled with walls.

Because of our limited perspectives, we enjoy saying, “The Nothing must have something older or limiting”.

But that is the now. Our houses have walls.

But walls are new.

The old ways…

Are no walls, no limiting restrictions.

Our thinking has become focused on “older, their must have been something to cause the Nothing”.

We should remember.

No limits causes something.

Something is the future and present.

But the oldest way is…

No limits.

Our focus has been on limits, and we use these new limits to try and learn more about the Old limitless Nothing.

A focus that has some hidden truth to it is

You walk forward for hours, you stay on a straight path, eventually you walk over your old footprints.

Studying that, will yield some truth to what the Nothing is and does.

Because to have no limits, there must be at least 1 feature of self containment.

That is based on the learning of math and dimensions.

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