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IdleOn! The New Free Idle MMORPG Released

From me to you, a video game suggestion, and review

I started a character on this game 40 days ago farming lv 1 monsters, came back last night to a level 30 character with tons of drops and a massive coin amount

Unlike most idle or afk rpgs on the google play store, this game tracks all time spent offline, I got 40 days of rewards

Most other games save a limited 8 hours of afk rewards for you

It seems theres no level limit, Ive unlocked 3 character slots and a new one says I have to be level 225 to unlock that character slot

The idea of multiple characters is to maximize coin gain as well as have 1 mining 1 woodcutting 1 smithing, etc.

Currently there are 3 beginner classes
Warrior, archer, and mage, then at a higher level your able to pick from 1 of the advanced class options, such as a warrior can become a squire or a blood berserker

Theres a christmas event happening right now where christmas gifts drop off mobs

Huge list of available custom talents that you can put points into to build your character the way you want

Let me tell you about statues, stamps, and cards

Statues are items you gain as drops from monsters, from quests, and from npc stores, you use a statue to unlock that one in your list, it gives you bonus stats, then you can level that statue unlock up by getting more of the same statue, while statues currently provide the bonus to each specific character you use them on, you can trade statues amongst your characters
(to get the statue quest done go to npc coin store in town, scroll down list, buy sculpture hammer chisel item, talk to marble block in town until it becomes a statue)

Stamps are similar to statues, you collect a stamp and it unlocks that stamp, you then level up that stamp with coins, you can also limit break the stamp for more levels to be purchased with coins by spending certain items either crafted or dropped from mobs, stamps unlike statues are account wide bonuses that apply to all characters
(to do stamps talk to the pig npc in town, its possible he will have you do a quest to unlock it)

Cards are account wide also, occasionaly when defeating a mob it will drop its card, cards increase stats when equipped and the bonus can be increased by leveling the card, to level a card, just get more of the same card, while gained cards are account wide, choose a different build for each character by picking which cards you want equipped on each character, the cards are not limited by an amount, in other words once you unlock 1 card, you can equip that card on 3 different characters at once, no penalty

Talents are basically set in two categories
Combat and Crafting

But theres fun Special Talents too

The special talents are unlocked as you progress, usually as secrets, they unlock account wide, 1 example is the special talent i call dice rolling

I invested 1 special talent point into it, its an active skill and costs mana, it rolls a dice with numbers between 1 and 1000 if it lands on a 1 you get a very rare gift, now the trick to this is, get all your characters with this skill to at least level 1, on each character set the skill onto an active skill slot, on each character go into the options menu and turn on automatically use active skills, if you do that, even while offline the game will cast the roll the dice skill for you and that makes it easier to make use of that skill and earn the gifts it generates

The npc shop in town has a nice stocked amount of items in it, an example is they sell 2 statues cheap that you can buy and then the shop will restock once every real life day, a good habit is to try to buy the statues each day (Update: im on next day of playing most items in npc shop restocked, it seems statues, stamps, and inventory expanders dont restock. No worries, theres other ways to get them)

If you arent happy with the way you spent your talent points there are talent point reset items you can get from an early quest, you can also spend coins on it at the npc shop

You can go afk idle doing combat or crafting, its seperate on each character

Theres many bag upgrade items available in game, upgrade how many slots your bag and warehouse has, also upgrade the number items can stack on top of each other

The graphics of this game are totally adoreable

Since its an MMORPG you can chat with other players, the game is new, but, expect lots of co-operative features

The game possibly seems difficult at first, maybe even slow, but its a brand new game and if you give it a chance of playing for awhile it will be worth it

If your into this type of game but dont have much time right now, heres what I suggest

Create a character, play for just a few minutes to give it a head start, set the character to afk fighting level 1 mushroom monsters, delete the game, in a month or year when your not busy, redownload and collect the exp, coins, and equipments, and then youll be really strong when you have time to play

P. S.

You can choose your first job at level 10 by going to the map just past frogs, youll find a npc that can help you.

Link tto download the game below

You can click on the below pictures to zoom in.

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