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Suggestion: Bbq Sweet Brown Corn Recipe

Okay so its new years I should have suggested this sooner but I have got a very simple recipe for Bbq corn on the cob that tastes way better than other plain ways.


Aluminum Foil

Cob Corn




Garlic Powder (Optional)

Okay so your going to want to get a sheet of aluminum foil, place 1 cob corn on it.

Wipe butter all over the corn.

(optional) sprinkle garlic powder on the cob of corn.

Sprinkle desired amounts of salt and sugar on the cob corn.

The end result is best if sweet and salty, so dont be afraid to use a medium to high amount of sugar.

Now wrap all that up in aluminum foil.

Heres the part where it gets good.

Bbq the cob of corn until you think its done.

Pull it out of fire, and unwrap to estimate if its cooked enough.

Are the corns on the cob golden brown yet?

Thats the result you want for best taste.

Have fun with the recipe.

As an additional step, if you want, you can wrap up cut mushrooms and cut onions, putting them in the foil so they get cooked with the corn.

I hope you enjoy the food.

Much love.

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