We Are All One Family

Letter To Joe Biden

Dear Mr. Joe Biden,

Firstly, congratulations on winning the election. I feel rather certain you will be a good president, and I am happy for you. 

I have two topics of country benefit I would like to suggest. 

The first is to support our crop farmers ensuring no child goes hungry. 

The other is to protect lifes from abortion. 

I am sending you this email from

WLTOP – We Love The Oldest Parents

It is a church club for all religions.

 Our motto is, 
“Call them God, or Goddess, their still our parents”.

With the Corona Virus sickness we have been through quite an unpleasant roller coaster ride. 

But I would like to mention something important. 

Food is important, we need lots of it. 

But with the Corona Virus we are faced with a warning sign. 

Our meats we eat can lead to large scale population sickness. 

Infected animals if eaten, can make us sick.

It would be beneficial to give support to crop farmers, and wean support upon the dangerous practice of eating meat. 

Now I read you are a Catholic man. That tells me you love our Heavenly Father.

I am sure he loves you too, his love is vast for all of us. 

He tells us in the bible, something very important. 

In his 10 laws he says “Thou Shalt Not Murder” which is something humans agree to together.

But I believe we are all one family. 
God created the humans AND the animals.

They deserve as much right to be his children as we do. 

Promoting of eating crops and weaning our country away from meat would save human and animal lives, and improve our overall health, as well as the love in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

I ask that as president you support crop farmers. 

Abortion is another life or death topic. 

In my youth myself and the wife I had lost a child before birth. 

This was not due to abortion, but poor health.

The children our sisters carry are survivors. As with what happened to us, our baby did not survive. 

This again brings up Gods wisdom of”Thou Shalt Not Murder”.

To have the best relationship with our Heavenly Parents, and also our siblings, it is good to agree to the Heavenly Fathers guidances as he is very smart and cares of us. 

I plead with you brother, 

I am a democrat, admittedly, but I am against abortion. 

Please, as president, protect our children from abortion. 

Much love to you Joe Biden.

A fun fact that can be inspiring and may grant you luck as president.. 

Gods name that was written on the ten commandments is יהוה‎

Read from right to left, as is done by the Jews it says (Yodh He Waw He)

May he bless you and guide you


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