We Are All One Family

Yodh He Waw He, Creational Magic, And Us.

Who wants to hear a theory note relevant to themself in a mysterious way.

Im a creation, im guessing the reader is too, in minority though maybe our creator is hearing this too.

Ill start.

An individual.

One person

Is unique.

You can only be yourself.

You cannot be two people at once.

You are located as your central source with yes, some extensions such as toes and fingers.

In two of the Bohemian Grove Offerings books I wrote I stated the mathematical formula involved with creational magic is

Timing created + Materials Used = Who You Get
(Resulted Unique Individual)

But there is an old argument about this involving alchemy and magic

The argument is

The only thing that determines a creation is the materials used to make it

However over the years this learnedly became disproved


Materials can be perfectly duplicated by our creator

It is not easy or quick, but we know it is possible

Now therein is a problem for the argument

If you had two exactly same gallons of dust and were trying to split the two gallons in half

To use one gallon each, creating two people

They could not be the same person

They could look as twins

They would be in two seperate locations

And even though appearing similar

Would very much not be the same

So if materials used is not an only factor, which we just explained is scientifically impossible

The other ingredient in the formula that seperates us into being unique

Is time

With over 7 billion family members

We know many people can be created with no rebound (repercussion, or failure)

While the evidence shows over 7 billion successes that in itself is a guiding proof time is the other factor in the creational magic formula

Let me explain it in an easier example

If the creational magic formula were different, instead being

1 Olive + Other Materials Used

Yet there were only ever 5 olives and you could never get more

You could then create 5 creations, because you have 5 olives, and it costs 1 each per creation created

However we have over 7 billion family members

All of this information gathered, because of it

We know

-its more than materials used, because they can be duplicated, but people are unique despite that

-the other determining ingredient in the formula must be very complex and split pathways many times, because with 7 billion family members it is currently a larger than small resource

-if you take pen and paper and write down 1 gallon dust with a line going down under it then fork that line into say 4 other lines you can then write

Day 1 second 1 = Adam

Day 1 second 2 = Adem

Day 1 second 3 = Eve

Day 1 second 4 = Sarah

Putting each one of those on a forked pathway

You can begin to see just how complex creational magic is

You could add more split pathways to make a bigger list

You could get another paper and make a similar structure using 2 gallons dust used to make these other creations

While measuring them by time would be the same, their names would be different due to the materials used changing who is the result

Below is a paper example I made showing how timing created and materials used splits the pathways of deciding who gets created

All of the sharings of this are provided to you in agreement with Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh.

Exodus 30:14
Every one that passeth among them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give an offering unto Yodh He Waw He (the LORD).

Read more of the theory in

“Adam Or Adem: Creational Magic”

And its continuation

“Creator And Creation: Each Having A Time”

2 books of the free book series

“Bohemian Grove Offerings”

The series is available on the Google Play Store at the below link


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