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Video Game Suggestion: Battle DNA 3 Idle Rpg

Video Game Recommendation

Battle DNA 3

A free idle rpg game on the Google play store

Boasting classy retro Super Nintendo graphics and a cozy user interface

Many party members to hire with gold choose 5 to bring with you into battle

This game features a new game+ system called rebirth

Get far enough in progress of stages and you can rebirth

Spend your rebirth points on things like permanent xp gain gold gain and increased item drop rate among others

The rebirth shop has a hidden trick to it

It may be 1 rebirth point for +1% xp gain and then 3 rebirth points for +2% exp gain but those two actually stack so you would have a total of +3% exp gain

Once you defeat the map called chaos place you can go into the menu and rebirth, but remember, the more maps you pass, the more rebirth points you get, so push progress to your will

You will get some gems from achievements such as beating a stage the first time and reaching certain levels

Be very smart with how you spend your gems as they are rare, but you can gain 3 hours of idle gains per gem

So the best strategy is to go to the stage you get the most exp per hour on, which is not always your furthest stage, that highest xp stage is where to use the gem

Youll also want to do a few battles on the stage until your xp per hour is at its highest

The cash shop sells gems $1 per gem

Expensive i know

When first starting there will be a few ads you can watch called cm

Youll get 1 gem per each ad

After your first day youll probably have available 1-2 cm a day

So spend gems wisely

Heres the link to Battle DNA 3 from the Google Play Store

Enjoy the game

Much love

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