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Removal Of My Limitations, A Thank You

I used some of the stimulus to order a desktop computer.

Up until now, ive been doing the site, books, videos, and art, from my phone.

Its had its good moments but also a lot of headaches.

This new desktop should make things easier and remove limitations.

The computer was scheduled to be delivered today but there was a delay, so I should get it tommorrow.

I bought it from

It comes with a monitor keyboard and mouse.

It is a refurbished set.

I paid a little over $200 because its refurbished but new I estimate its value at about $600.

Its a Dell pc with windows 10 1TB hard drive, 8GB DDR 3 Ram, and a 3 Ghz processor.

19′ LCD Monitor.

I have basically a corn flake amount of experience with windows 10.

Im mostly experienced with windows xp.

So this will be a fun learning experience.

Once I get the computer setup I already got something on my goal list to do.

The ebooks on have had cover issues left and right, its been sleepless nights, a kick in the nuts from my schitzophrenia, and half success half failure.

My plan is to use the Amazon kdp online cover creator tool to redo starting new all the covers for my religious offering series listed on amazon, that is the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” series.

So far I had about 5 book covers successful with 1 compilation successful, but as I try to do books 6 and 7 Amazon has firmly stated and restated my images are past margin.

The template is too complex for me so I am really starting to feel more comfortable to use the online amazon kdp cover creator.

On google play and smashwords amongst other places im intending to keep my self made custom covers.

Im really excited to get this computer and after I invest some time into these religious obligations

I intend to play the free video games

“Record Of The Lodoss War”


“MU Online”

Thanks for reading this.

Attached are two pieces of gift art thanking the government and tax payers for the stimulus.

Im glad were family.

Much love.

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