Short Story, We Are All One Family

Meat Is A Carcass, It Leads To Miscarriage

“Evolution Took My Child From Me”

The old testament of the bible forbids the eating of meat

Yodh He Waw He (God) explained eating meat causes sickness and death

People envision the way to become a winged angel is to eat enough birds

The problem im emotionally having with evolution is two parts

There is no truth to evolution…

And this evolution trend leading to the eating of meat caused the death of our child, that is me and the wife I had in my youth

You see

Meat rots, and it does not break down into sustenance properly

So for a baby being fed rotten carcass through a umbellical cord… Well… That is exactly why we have miscarriages

You may be curious why I share such personal details… Im hoping people will use this info to benefit themself and the ones they love in a good way

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