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The Heavenly Father Is Married, We Sons And Our Efforts

Dear Brothers,
My friend and I had a conversation.
She suggested God (Yodh He Waw He) is genderless. This is an emotional complexity. Yodh He Waw He is in fact masculine and the Father, we know he has gender and it is supported by the below bible verse stating he has a wife, the Queen Of Heaven.
Jeremiah 7:18 “The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven.
Now to my brothers, a noticement.
As Yodh He Waw He is married to the Queen Of Heaven, it is good he has emotional attachment to the female perspective, it is good for all women and they deserve it because they are good and loving and we deserve that.
But as a balancing fact, as a Man, our Father fancies feminine for its purposes, woman is beautiful.
For us men to pick up the slack in that area that we have lack we must remember.
Women are good, smart, and beautiful, and Man sympathizes to Woman to bridge the gap of fairness.
We brothers must invest an extra effort towards our Father to please him in areas we can find favor in, past the bridge of marital favor, while still respecting and honoring it.
Woman has an attractiveness.
But his sons can be attractive in other friendly type ways.
We can be virtuous and knowledgeable.
So I tell you my brothers, find what you are good at and like, and use it to gain favor with our Heavenly Father.
Our father has a wife and that is good.
To not be at disadvantage in the family, we can simply be loving and honest with our efforts.
Let us seek to impress him as friends do.
Be fair with sharings and do not withhold free giving.
We are sons, and if we pursue learning of our Fathers favorite topics, we can share with him joy.
We know our Heavenly Father loves truth, knowledge, and benefit.
An example of my own is in agreement with his demand of Exodus 30:14
I am putting effort into studying and making theories about creational magic.
A man shares his marital embrace with his wife, and he righteously favors her as they are a special team.
We can as sons be on their team,
For our most efficiency…
We should try to offer those two Oldest Parents things they actually desire
Be knowledgable
Be smart
Honestly love them
and Respect them

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