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Amazon Book Covers On Pause, Pinterest On Full Throttle

I expected getting this new computer would make doing Amazon KDP book covers easier…

It probably will but I am still having some trouble…

I kinda want to get a proffessional publishers help, but the book series is a gift and religious offering so its complicated by that.

Im going to put the new Amazon KDP book covers on hold, I was going to do the new ones with the Amazon KDP cover creator but even with that I am met with uploading errors.

I think whats going to happen is I will have to download the Amazon KDP Cover Template and do the math on how the dimensions are supposed to be and custom design it from there.

It will take longer than I had previously expected but it should be worth it, so I am excited a little.

Now onto the next topic.

You may have noticed a new little icon at the top right where our social icons are.

This one is for the social network company “Pinterest”.

On my phone I had tried to setup a Pinterest account and manage it but it is actually quite a limited app and website on phone.

For the glory that is my new desktop…


I now have full storm access to making and managing a beautiful Pinterest account to entertain you and all the other fans.

So tonight I will be putting effort into uploading art and Prayer backgrounds onto Pinterest, and you can expect in the future we will continue to be a part of the Pinterest family.

I hope you enjoy it and are having a good day/night.

Thank you for reading.

❤ Much Love ❤

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