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A Prayer For The Adamah (Humans) To Our Oldest Parents

A prayer to the Oldest Parents (Yodh He Waw He)
Of the Adamah (Humans)

Dear Parents

I make friends with the humans and animals

Recently I have asked a lot to bring peace to the animals

This may seem to negatively reflect upon us humans

So I would like to give a balancing thanks

Dear Oldest Parents

Your Adamah love the animals so very vastly

When the animals cannot feed themselves the Adamah do

When the animals are stuck in the cold, heat, rain, and snow, the Adamah give them a home

The Adamah massage away their pain and cuddle them

They pass laws to protect them and to be good upon them

They make best friends of your animal descendants and they are loyal to them

The children at a youths age are miraculified by the presence of the animals

The babes adore that the animals are different, They love playing with them and learning about them

Although some bad has happened

Please instead lovingly look at the good that has happened, but please also admittedly fix the errors of our ways

No animal should be food but at the same time, humans have as a majority done much good

In judgement please see their love and care

I believe a human and an animal can be best friends

I have witnessed that it is true

Thank you Oldest Parents for loving us and being gentle


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