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My Hypoglycemia Post From Facebook

I posted this on Facebook, and I feel the need to share it here incase it can help anyone.

I just learned something incredible
Incredibly sad and a little scary but I am really glad I just found it
I read up on Hypoglycemia, my mom told me she had it, and diabetes runs in our family too,
I was curious because this morning (Or yesterday morning, memorys blurry) I didnt eat and it was lunch time and I got really shakey and felt like I was going to faint
This has been happening to me since I was a kid and my mom taught me a little about it
I researched it just now and you know what I found? Ill tell you 🙂
Hypoglycemia causes nightmares, crying in sleep, and extreme sweating during sleep
I Knew about the weakness because my mom taught me a little
but I had no clue it was either causing or contributing to these other ailments I have
the nightmares have started to seem caulosy, and the sweats are uncomfortable
But The crying in the sleep really really bothered me 😦
I really feel like a lame father and husband so I thought the crying in the sleep was entirely due to that but now im reading
Hypoglycemia also causes it
So maybe both are contributing to it?
Im a lot less embaressed to talk about it knowing theirs a medical reason though
I was staying the night at my girlfriends house a year or so ago while we were still dating and I basically was crying in my sleep, i mean not just tears but actually sound crying and I woke up and I felt freaking awful and scared….
Learning about this Hypoglycemia…for some reason I feel comforted
Actually I wanna say this is pretty cool, because if its medical maybe I can get medicine to stop my nightmares crying in sleep and night sweats 🙂
Anyone on here know anything about Hypoglycemia and can talk with me about it please?
This is exciting because I thought the nightmares were a punishment from God or a part of my body dying
Oh shizzle fizzle that reminds me
Dear Heavenly Father, if you havent been giving me this scary nightmares…thank you and I apologize, I shouldnt have assumed you were giving me nightmares
….eh itd be so much easier to just ask God (Yodh He Waw He) directly “Hey Father, are you giving me nightmares?”
But…not exactly optionable at the moment…though…I want to be friends with him…so this opportunity that its not some sort of magical punishment…I really hope it wasnt him… 😦
Okay so theirs the long wind from me, my excitement and trauma,
please again, if you know anything about Hypoglycemia leave a comment

Hypoglycemia Symptoms

1 thought on “My Hypoglycemia Post From Facebook”

  1. Hi there thanks for posting about hypoglycemia I don’t have diabetes. But I do have Reactive Hypoglycemia. I do have the occasional nightmare interesting I’d had a nightmare early hours. I checked my blood. And it was 3.6 I’m learning to treat them properly but I had to learn now via my UK GP. The glucose meter really helps though. Good luck.


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