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Proof And Evidence, After Death, Creations Are Reborn As Babies

Herein is a history lesson on our whole world family as of the bible, God (Yodh He Waw He), The soul, Creation, and life and death as of our currence due to lack of immortality since portioned genesis.

“Fearnot that which causes death, but is not able to kill the soul.”

Even scientific technologies can prove and see the soul. Such as Kirlian Photography, below are some pictures of Kirlian Photography.

The living have souls.

Simulations of life, certain plants for example, have auras.

Both the soul and aura are made similarily.

In this post it is my attempt to give evidence, that when someone dies they are not fully dead, they survive as a soul, live as a soul in a part of heaven, and then are reborn again as a child.

It has been this way since the loss of immortality.

Our Creator is still immortal, while the soul(s) of we creations bodies are, though our flesh is not.

The flesh has become witherable due to a curse, such in Genesis of the bible.

While curses are acknowledged as terrifying and awful, this is actually a learning experience and permanent harm will not come to us.

The purpose of this death system has been to separate the flesh from the soul to prove that the soul exists and is a part of the body with the flesh.

Early on in family history, their had been debate of this and this separation experience is our Creators way of allowing us to experience it ourselves as proof that our Creator did not deceive and/or error.

You see, for Adam and Eve, as flesh made from dust, they do not fully have perspective of the other parts of the body such as the soul, however when the flesh is separated from the soul and as an example Adam and Eve are only souls with no flesh, they can then experience the truth and be assured themselves.

Now lets look at the evidence that when someone dies they are reborn eventually as a child.

7.5 Billion humans are estimated to currently live on our planet. That is 7,500,000,000.

It is also estimated 7.5 Billion humans is only 7% the amount of how much the human extent has been on our planet, in other words a rounded number of the amount of times human population has been numbered on our planet is 105 Billion humans estimated.

Some may say 105 billion humans have lived on our planet since the first.

But I am trying to prove something different of that.

I am suggesting, the humans started as 2 humans, and had children.

When death began to happen, they lived as souls temporarily and then were again reborn as a baby.

This causes the total 105 billion humans in our planets history to be repeats.

As in that the actual number of human family members is smaller and that 105 billion number is full of humans who have died and been reborn again as babies, raising that number falsely to 105 billion.

Lets talk Creationalism.

In the bible God (Yodh He Waw He) started by creating Adam and Eve as humans, while thats been debated, it is easy to say humans started as 1 man and 1 woman, 2 humans.

Our Creator started creating slowly, teaching the first creations for a long time before creating newer ones.

There are 86,400 seconds every 24 hours (Every Day).

There are estimated 45,880 human births a day.

That is not counting the animals.

If we count the animals born each day, the number rises higher than the seconds available in 24 hours.

That then equals for all new life created each day on our planet, the creational magic would be started and finished faster than a second.

Now I do not believe our Creator is Creating a new life faster than 1 second.


Because it doesn’t seem possible to do that and a good job at the same time, it seems impossible, and if it were possible it would be lacking care.

Think of a magic your familiar with.


How long does it take for a fire to start from a lighter or match.

It actually takes longer than a second for the full flame to ignite.

Now examining that, can you realize our creator does not create a new creation in 1 second?

This is itself proof the humans and animals when they die are eventually reborn as babies.

The Hindu (India) religion has a similar belief but they got it slightly altered, they believe in being reborn as a baby but their belief in karma suggests a human can be reborn as a animal or a animal can be reborn as a human.

They did get correctly that after death, one is reborn as a child but the life stays the same species as the soul does not change to a different species.

A human soul is a human soul and that is why it is reborn as a human flesh baby, it is its form.

I hope you have enjoyed this lesson and proof of the afterlife thanks to Kirlian Photography, and Proof of Rebirth, Thanks to our history records about the Soul and our observance of a Magic (Fire).

Here is a exercise to do after reading this.

Get a match or a lighter, Light the flame, How long does it take to get the flame full?

45,880 new humans are born a day, not counting animals.
86,400 seconds a day.
If we count animal births a day the number of total creation births a day is higher than 86,400.
God (Yodh He Waw He) would have to create new life much faster than 1 new life every 1 second to equal the amount of births on our planet with no rebirth after death happening.

This has been a truthful lesson on life and death, creational magic, and creations.

Kirlian Photography Photos Displaying Evidence of Soul and Aura

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