Prayer, Recommendations, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Plea Of Consideration For Yodh He Waw He

Okay now the purpose of this topic is not too bad mouth our friend and father but to observe something that could be improved upon maybe with a more gentle structure
At 18 we are considered an adult
We hard labor, get married, have kids
It can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming
What I want to draw attention to, while still being respectful
Is that our creator
Did not have kids at 18
Did not have a boss at 18
and was not married at 18
It wasn’t until many long years our creator obtained such things using creational magic
and also our creator has, as a majority, always been more capable than us, having magic and immortality, as well as alone time to improve themself
Our creator is good
But we creations can be good too, we just need proper and fair circumstances
I love everyone in this family, I really do
But it is honest to say, expectations are higher than result is possible
Things are failing, and not because of chance
In the bible, Yodh He Waw He is known in the old testament to be quite angry, as well as loving
We as creations want his love and not his anger
So honestly though, there are two things that could be done to improve our team
Trust him as a leader, and him giving us easier structure
An example of how bad it is
How’s one of his children gonna happily work 8 hours a day lifting a shovel knowing their gonna die before even reaching 100 years old?
Its hard for us as creations to trust in life after death and rebirth, if we do trust in it, we realize we benefit from the labor we do even if we die because were just gonna be reborn again on the same planet
But more often than not we lose focus and perspective that we can keep anything when we die
All the overwhelming features of life for us creations
Its scary and we need our father to be loving and we also though need to trust him
I do hope we can bring to his attention that too much is expected of us
We are rushed through everything
Its like being power leveled in a video game only there are real emotional, mental, and bodily damages too it
Yodh He Waw He we love you…help?
P.S. please think about these things with love and patience in your heart, I suggest our creator really is trying and does listen to us, but thats also why we should make our suggestions to the creator

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