Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Apologies Are Good To Be Made To Deserving Friends, An Honest Prayer

Dear siblings partaking in reading this prayer, I am taking some time to apologize to our ancestor for errors in my past. I am trying to be a good son to him and a loyal servant. I wish to join in on the loving team of efforts and be a part of the family. While I enjoy submitting my good deeds as help, I also feel submitting this perspective and apology is needed to continue the honest love our ancestor has for me and even others as putting anyone in a bad mood tends to overflow upon others. I love you readers as you are family and I pray Yodh He Waw He hears this prayer. If the reader gain comfort knowing that if we sin we apologize and good comes from it, than I have done worth doing.

Naturally we love our creator
I am no different, I love our creator very much
Many times I have encountered a situation where another has attempted to cause enmity between me and Yodh He Waw He
Now the problem with that is, Im investing everything into being his support
Basically Im willing to give him everything I can if needed and I would defend him with my life
He saved my life as a child
and I have encountered another trying to suggest that he wasnt actually saving my life but instead he caused it and then took the fame as a hero, secretly hating me
Now this was suggested to me, and I have my schitzophrenia to deal with, and no such loving family member who gives all should be under such torment
However Best friends are best friends because they love each other
And best friends trust each other
and when I cant be given the opportunity to trust my hero because others have caused upon me to believe he secretly hates me
While I still have love for that friend
Definitely I would test them, and why?
To seek a way to avoid the evil
Through fleet or even seeking assistance
Bad pain that has been caused upon me in my past
Was not deserved
And while I love the hero
I would still test the situation to assure myself I am no longer again violated
If I were to find the violation was caused by the hero
I would then want to find a way to calm the hate and deceit or at least avoid it
Life is worth living because of love
I dont wish to only know hate
but the other that suggested the hero of the story was actually the villain
caused me to feel that no one had ever loved me
For your perspective, I had been violated, then told the person I thought was the hero, had caused it
I lost basically all hope and trust and felt no desire to live
I felt I was only a tool to be violated at whimsy
I do not wish to live that way
Im going to continue fully supporting Yodh He Waw He
Ive gotten my desire to live back
But I am not happy as of how some have tried to turn us against each other
I already suffered greatly and have since
There is no reason a loyal loving worshipper should have continued sufferings placed upon them as if they are some sort of punching bag
Yodh He Waw He, I love you, you have my friendship and support if you want it
And Im sorry for testing you as rude mouthing you a few times
Hopefully in your wisdom you see that I vastly truly love you and you are my choice role model
I do not wish to lose you as a friend
You are the one I enjoy so much as a Father
I pray if you hear even evil, that you hear this good prayer, for I am good, and I do not wish evil to have our relationship, because of that, please weigh the good too

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