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Oldest Parents Birthdays

WLTOP is hosting the Oldest Parents Birthdays Celebration January 1st.



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Oldest Parents Birthdays Celebration

Cheer with a clap below.

We may be physically far apart, but emotionally, and mentally we can team together to wish our 2 oldest parents happy birthdays.

For our 1st oldest parent, they started to live before time was even measured so tracking their actual date of beginning to life isn’t done.

We however can celebrate our 1st oldest parents birthday and their marital partners birthday together on January 1st as a mutual blessing and comfort.

Okay so here is the plan.

WLTOP has a Google Photos Album that allows anyone to contribute pictures to it.

Use the link below to submit a loving picture or digital greeting card to the album for their birthdays.

There on the photo album also is a template greeting card you can place text on top of, or alternatively, you can make your own, whichever fits your style best.

Its easy and if you need help email us at or comment below.

Our Oldest Parents January 1st Birthdays Celebration Google Photo Album

If you need instructions on how to submit a photo to the birthdays shared album use below link for a tutorial.

Instructions For Google Photos Shared Album

Now for help and advice on how to make a digital greeting card from Computer or Phone.

If you want to make a greeting card similar to those birthday cards you find in stores.

You can use Canva, it is free and easy, works on IOS, Android, and PC.

Click Here To Use Canva

If for any reason you dont want to use Canva or cant, try your search engine such as and search “Free Online Greeting Card Maker”.

Once you have designed your loving greeting card please join in the fun and team effort and submit it to the Google Photo Album so we can share the love towards them together.

Heres The Google Photo Album Link Again

Also to add more cheer, use the clap button near the top of this post, like button this post below, also you can comment on this post below.

Should you find yourself in a situation where making a digital greeting card is not ideal.

Remember the Oldest Parent sees all and hears all.

A loving Prayer is a worthy birthdays gift.

Also if you dont yet know why our 1st Oldest Parent has no higher age family, please visit the below link and read “The Origins Of Creational Magic” it will explain the story to you.

Read The Origins Of Creational Magic

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