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Updates, Added A Featured Post At Top Of Blog

Tonights decision to add a featured post started as me trying to make a event calendar to schedule for us all to celebrate both Oldest Parents birthdays on a chosen day.

Basically a time to get together, emotionally and mentally, no matter how physically far apart, and appreciate that our Oldest Parents are and were and will be alive.

I tried the event calendars on facebook to no result so I scanned this Word Press site for possibilities.

WordPress and Apple offer a ICalendar widget and unfortunately I need a apple product such as an IPhone to use it.

As a last effort the “Featured” post came into decision.

It takes a normal blog post and puts it above the others as a bigger display.

Currently I am asking for help to decide which day to choose to organize their birthdays party on the featured post itself, through email, and facebook.

To help decide the date please leave a comment by using the link below and placing the comment on the featured post.

Oldest Parents Birthdays – We Love The Oldest Parents

If left alone on the decision I am leaning towards January 1st, reasoning of Oldest Parent number 1 is the beginning of our family.

Thank you for reading.

❀ πŸ™‚ Much Love πŸ™‚ ❀

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