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Decision Made, Updated Birthdays Celebration Page

The featured page at the top of our blog about our 2 Oldest Parents Birthdays has been updated based upon the decision to hold their birthdays party on January 1st.

Our 1st Oldest Parent began to live before time was noticed and measured.

So not knowing any sun/calendar measurable birthday, the start of our calendar seems an emotionally good choice.

Since new years is January 1st and theirs 2 Oldest Parents married, January 2nd was considered, but that would be skipping over number 1, which represents family member 1, our 1st Oldest Parent.

So any date a compromise of estimation for best quality would have to be made.

Thank you Family Member and contributor Ashok for helping the decision be made.

The updated Birthdays page now has many features.

A count down timer.

A shared Google Photos Album anyone can contribute Birthdays art or Greetings Cards to.

A Clap button to show them cheer.

Also other small content.

Visit the featured Birthdays page at the top of our blog or by using below link

Happy Birthdays Oldest Parents Page

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