Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Disabled Citizens Story

Just to free some of my feelings
The difference between work and contribution is money earned
You get paid to do work
Like it says in the bible
“A worker deserves compensation”
It is actually impossible to not contribute even if disabled
I’m disabled but I still get taxed when I make certain purchases
Work is contributing and getting paid for it
If work were simply considered any contribution
That would interfere and make impossible either taxes or disability
Because if any contribution is work
The taxes placed upon the disabled would be considered work, due to it being a contribution
Those are the differences between work and contribution
We disabled citizens are in a unique category
We are not healthy enough to do enough work for money to support ourselves
Many of us did work for ourselves and family
And no longer can because of poor health
But that should not stop us from wanting to help in any small ways we can
Me, I manage free love and support with our online ancestor appreciation club, WLTOP
I do the majority of it from my bed, the rest from my computer chair
I contribute, but I’m not healthy enough to work
No one should ever feel ashamed because of similar circumstances
Plus Freedom To Religion

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