Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Book 8 First Chapter Sneak Peak

First Chapter in Book 8 “Fully Family: The First Creation” Sneak Peak
“The Success Of Creational Magic”

Everything began from Nothing. After many years friction and growth happened. It began producing materials and substance. Many more long years of these floating and colliding against and away from each other. After much solid material and magic were available in the Nothing, with no one to claim it, it simply collided amongst itself more until things began mixing in ways where there were many failures, but each moved closer to a success.

Years beyond measure were now the time since the Nothing began, and a mixture of the materials and magics had finally resulted in quite the success. These things mixed together causing our Creator, the Oldest Parent, to be formed and begin living. Our ancestor was alone in the Nothing and had many adventures, discoveries, studies, inventions, experiences, and goals.

One of the goals of our ancestor was to find other family. Many years of searching did not yield finding anyone. Still having the emotions of wanting family, our Creator pursued another path. Our Creator did much studying of it self and the Nothing everything began from. After much study our Creator learned quite successfully how they it self began to live, what caused it, even how it was done. It was in this way our Creator both discovered Creationism and invented Creational Magic.

With a passion for friendship still full in our Creators emotions, our Ancestor, the Creator, prepared to attempt its invented Creational Magic and cause to live its first child. The Creator like many other studies was again successful and now the amount of family was at a count of two. The Creator did not want to be alone, and that very special ancestor, got its wish.

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