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Sound Cloud Social Media Icon Added

Okay so sound cloud has been added to our social media icons list at the top of the site.

Our reposted music (Basically playlists) is music groups of Christian, Jewish, Classical, Rock, Techno, Country, Jazz, and Nature.

If youll enjoy any of that, please give it a listen.

The sound cloud button is the icon of the cloud near the right side of the available icons.

Planning to eventually update our Social Media menu links section to talk a little about each new Social Media account but for a little bit the icons should be good enough. I have something else thats more important to update.

Our Header Images for posts in the blog and probably menu pages too need to be resized, they worked okay but with this new theme especially they could be optimized.

If you look at our blog posts on the front page right now the images for each blog post (Most Of Them) dont stretch all the way from left side to right side of screen.

I already resized the Molech Owl Statue ones so they do seem to properly fit but a long list of others need to be resized.

So 🙂 I will do the resizing and once I get some time after that I will update our Social Accounts in the menu list.

Keeping you in prayers, yes you.

❤ 🙂 Much Love 🙂 ❤

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