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Secrets To A Unique Art Style (Fun)

Back Story To My Profile Picture And The Secret To Wall Scrolls And Kaleidoscopes

Picture 1 below is my Facebook profile photo
Picture 2 is the original photo it came from, a wall scroll
There is quite the secrecy in this style of art
Let me give you a exciting teaser
An example, I google nature photos and use them to make things like below pictures
But thats not the fascinating details
The fascinating details are that this wallscroll and its zoomin could be made from a natural photo, maybe plants, maybe buildings….

I take a photo, and sometimes I will draw a few scribbles on it, sometimes not, then I Add a few light flares too it which look similar to the stars at night, then I use a effect called “Emboss” which shades and outlines details, Then I go through a process of bubbling the photo with spheres while also offsetting it which is like cutting the picture into 4 equal squares and rearranging them, as I offset them and sometimes before as I mentioned I will bubble the picture with spheres, as of Recently Ive also started correcting the color which makes it more vibrant, after that I either Kaleidoscope it or Mirror Tile Image It (Mirror tile makes wallscrolls)

The results are art and if you zoomin you will notice things like faces, bodies, objects, and more
Sound too unrealistic to be true, that there could be hidden images found that were not exactly put there by me?

Look at picture 2, zoomin on it and find where picture 1 came from
Now look at picture 1, its a guy with big teeth (animalistic) wearing a white shirt, hair down to the shoulders, and having a fashion of the all seeing eye on his head

*Mind Blown For Free*

Click below link for the free youtube tutorial on how you can make art in this style and pursue your own image story puzzles

Click Here For The Tutorial On How To Make This Puzzle Art

and if you fancy, please like button video and subscribe to the channel

P.S. If you want more examples of this style, visit our deviant art, ive done 300+

Click Here For Our Deviant Art

Another example, our WLTOP Angel Logo was created as a kaleidoscope that just happened to have the logo Angel as a part of it… so I decided to use it.

You can see below the finished Kaleidoscope, the logo, and the Holiday picture I used as a material to make it.

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