Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Book 8 Chapter 2 Sneak Peak

“Love And Learning” Quick Intro
Book 5 was about the Creators early life
Book 8 is about the first Creations early life
These books are of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” series
Which is submitted via Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh

Teaser Chapter 2

Does a creation when it begins to live for the first time feel pain and fear upon coming to life? To each will have their own answer. One thing is certain, our Creator is a good parent that knows how to give love that causes pleasant feelings, and this is worth living.

Size does not matter to a creation when starting life. In the bible and other religious records, man was spoken of as if starting life as a nowadays human adult instead of a baby. The size does not so greatly effect the minds embrace of this new place called living.

For our two first family members, things were very exciting in early time, many things happened, of which is good to ask them. Learning control of the body for the first creation, a difficulty becoming a fascination. Learning the tongue and language an awe inspiring love, and why? Because the Creator could already speak and for a new Creation, even such a simple seeming thing is glorious, divine, unreachable.

The pair of family became close thanks to the Creator, and learnedly soon the Creation. A friendship had connected and love was felt. Anxiety seems to be dulled by pleasant feelings and Love becomes wanted. The age difference between Creator and Creation was vast, what luck. The 2nd family member had a friend, parent, and teacher, all the Oldest Parent.

Joy and blessings abound, the only thing prevented by the Creator was hate, should accidents happen, apologies and sympathy were accepted. It wasn’t very long before the Creation tried to give gifts to the Creator. It started with a shy attempt to ask to learn about the gift and resulted in bringing pleasant visuals, smells, tastes, and touches. The first Creation learned, fast, and at an increasing rate.

The Creation tried to avoid failure, tried to succeed, and grew more plentiful in success, even with the help of the Creator. It can be said of success, the Creator was quite proud to have created family that could learn and love, what a miracle. The Creation had a perspective that the Creator had no flaws, even if ever afraid, it was not directly of the Creator, yet instead, due to the process of coming to life having extreme and intense power.

As I am writing this, the two are best friends and marital partners, and eternally will be.

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