Fun, Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

The Promised Land Prophecies Roots

Divine Prophecies can be navigated through complex pathways which can be seen at the roots.

You wanna be a real prophet?

Bring the promised land to your family, or your family to the promised land.

So what is the promised land?

Maybe you read in the bible for the Jews it was Israel.

But as most things have been thought of, done, and or invented already by our Creator, it starts with our Oldest Parent.

The early idea of what a Promised Land is to our Creator, is a paradise with no pain and only wealth, originally thought to be found basically outside the Nothing everything began from
(Kinda like really far away)

As our Creator never found a way out of the Nothing, fancied the idea, built one themself…..

But if your into ancient myths legends and lore

Maybe there is a promised land far away even outside this place :3

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