Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Man Loves A Woman, It Is Known, But Here A Story Of Love For Our Brothers

A Story
“The Bibles Fornication And My Love For My Brothers”

We are all one family.

This story will be short enough to ease, but long enough to be honest and loving.

We all have a comprehension of what or who a God and Goddess are.

They are our 2 Oldest Parents, presumably, Yodh He Waw He and His Wife, if the bible is accurate.

So based on that, we then say family member 1 married family member 2.

We can then notice the structure to be

Family member 1 and 2 Married
3 and 4 Married
5 and 6 Married

So on and so forth etc.

The bible speaks of sin and then notes fornication is a sin.

That equals people have not been acting properly married to the old order and structure.

I believe a part of life is rebirth, being reborn as a child after dying, past lives, if the planet is more than 2000 years old and theirs billions of family members it makes sense because if not then the Creator would be creating new souls basically like a factory.

So I would like to obey Yodh He Waw He and not fornicate and make amends with who the Creator intends to be my wife by Creation number, old order and structure.

As a young man I have been in love many times, being tempted and occasionally pressured too, and it could even be said it was pleasant.

Recently I have 2 children to my descendantry and I have been thinking very religiously about romance and this situation.

I was starting to consider maybe I should just give into chaos and admit its possible I’m more in love with another sister than my creator intended marital partner.

But let me tell you the other detail that is stopping me, even more than God (Yodh He Waw He)’s wisdom…..

Its that trying to marry and fall in love with a committal to fornication would be a complete betrayal to a brother.

Because even though I am lonely and don’t like it, and someone else is out their with my Creator intended Wife.

Falling in love with and marrying as fornication…if it succeeded would permanently steal my Brothers Wife from him.

That in my opinion is a betrayal I do not want to commit.

I already fornicated, it is a problem I must apologize and fix should their be a way.

But trying to succeed at that fornication…..

Would be loving my Sister and hating my Brother.

Because my Brother deserves his Creator intended Wife.

If I were to steal her away from him, that would lead him as well to fornication, causing upon him a repeated sin cycle.

I do know who the woman I was starting to fall in love with more than my own Creator intended Wife is…..

But it is impossible for me to know who her Creator intended Husband is.

Their are billions of family members and I don’t know our ordered numberings.

I do though know everyone in this family our Creator Creates is Sanctified with Marriage.

So I would be blindly betraying a brother if I were to succeed at fornication.

But by refusing to marry into a situation of fornication…. I’m blindly protecting my brother from a betrayal caused by me.

I cant reverse that I romantically loved a few women, I cant even reverse that I’ve raised children together.

What I can do is not get married unless its to my Creator intended Wife.

And also not further fornicate.

I am supposed to love everyone in this family, and putting in effort to steal my brothers wife by begging the Creator to okay it is not holy.

I admit, I am lonely, I admit I do enjoy a relationship with private love…. But it is not worth it because it permanently destroys a Brothers hope of future.

If you read this… family I love you.

I am a type of sad… lonely a bit, but I intently want to not fornicate.

Also that’s knowing Yodh He Waw He isn’t going to get my intended wife back for me tonight.

So dear brothers, I love you, and to one very special brother…..with whoms Creator intended Wife I desired to marry….I apologize and you have my promise I will effort into whatever fix….and I will pray to our Creator about this.

Much Love Brothers and Sisters…hope I didn’t church storm you but I wanted to share an honest thinking and give a little evidence from myself that I deeply love you all and am trying to align myself as good….

P.S. (This was originally a Facebook Post)
Dear Facebook friends, I’m proud enough of this post I’m putting it on our website.

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