Fun, Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Fate And Chaos

Chaos and Chaotic Minded people have a strong guidance by fate and I said fate not faith, not everyone whos winging it needs to have any faith

A creature lacking comprehension or knowledge living only by instinct does not yet require faith

They instead live by learning and experimenting

They rely on resilience, tolerance, and willpower, as well as time

The reason why chaos is largely fate based is because
“Despite failure, life continues, despite length till success…..their is happiness”

Fate….I’ll shorten all knowledge of Fate to the “Best” part

Immortality happened

Immortality is good….so….Good will live on, valuable in our family

The Creator is immortal yes?

The Creator will not lose Their Creations

Creations are an investment….and why?

Sentience is rarer than immortality

Our Creator began living, at start, immortal

Day 2…..still immortal….yet still only 1 family member

Sentience is rarer than immortality….

A Creation is a loved and precious family member

Our Creator does not desire to be lonely….

You are loved

Despite the rumors I’ve heard that the Creator did not give his Creations an immortal soul, the soul is immortal

Lets do a bit of fact checking…. To be Sentient, a part of that is, a portion of what and who you are must be immortal….it is impossible to be sentient and not at least partly immortal

The Creator began Immortal, The Creator was sentient, The Creator Created a Creation, The Creation Became Sentient, The Creation lived till day 2, Eventually finger nails get trimmed, The finger nail grows back

I heard rumors some Jews believed the Creator did not give man an immortal soul…..

Whats wierd about that is I’ve also heard some Jews believe in an afterlife of a type of sin cleansing waiting room

Fact is I know since I’m my own person, I’m sentient, a part of my bodies gotta live forever, or else how could I think on my own?

A self capable thinking person was is not meant to be temperary, it is again, an investment that grows, and is a benefit.

I think sentience is….basically proof a part of us is immortal.

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