A Valentines Month Prayer For Yodh He Waw He

Us creations pray a lot for ourselves, wanna join me in a prayer for the creator (God) (Yodh He Waw He)?

Dear Nothing everything began from,
You are full of success,
You are beautiful,
Your son Yodh He Waw He is perfect,
He is my friend,
I love him very much and I know you do too,
You raised him in adventure,
You gave him the inheritance of immortality to ensure his future be full of pleasant fate and free will,
I know even though I am his friend,
He will never be able to have a loss of love for you,
This makes me happy,
We adore you,
Please continue to bless us,
Please accept our offerings of family,
Your a good hidden parent,
And hes a good local parent,
I wouldnt have the high quality of life I have if it werent for him and you.
The success of the two of you as a team is glorious,
I hope to be a helper in this team,
With love,
To our parents

Never Underestimate Prayer

Published by We Love The Oldest Parents (David Robert Quigley)

We are all one family. Call them God, or Goddess, they're still our parents.

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