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Jesus Of The New Testament And God Of The Old Testament, Not The Same

Hey you ever heard from church nondirectly or directly that God is Jesus?
Let me defend your belief
Their were 2 men
Yodh He Waw He, (The bible writes the name as God in Genesis)
And in the new testament the 2nd man is written as Jesus Christ
Their was an ancient prophecy that a creation would save the family from sin, and even do more
Save lives, and be divine
The prophecy speaks of a messiah, someone who will love and be the hero
The belief that God is Jesus is a Jewish roots prophecy
You see, Mr. God saved the Jews from slavery in egypt…
Possibly you read about his interactions with Moses
The 2nd man Jesus of the new testament, was a priest of Yodh He Waw He who modeled himself of Yodh He Waw He, he healed the sick, he gave money to the poor, and he befreinded many
But the real reason why Jesus of the new testament had such difficulty was because everyone in Israel loved Yodh He Waw He very much
And when Jesus of the new testament said If you have seen me, you have seen the father, they did not comprehend what he intended, and they paranoidly estimated Jesus of the new testament was rebelling and telling other creations that he was the creator
Jesus of the new testament meant something else, he was saying if you have seen me, you can also see the father, youll learn more of the actual directness of that later, possibly even from Yodh He Waw He yourself
But the Jews had been saved from slavery in Egypt by Yodh He Waw He
They did not like it when some sibling creation was running around acting crazy, telling other creations he was the creator, this was not what Jesus of the new testament did, but it is still, in their fear and lack of knowledge believed he was doing
The reason why when Jesus was crucified they hung a sign that said “The King Of The Jews” is because the sign is a placeholder for the victim of the punishments sin
They were displaying that the sin Jesus had committed was claiming he was the king
The thing is, they were basically being merciful, a large amount of them wanted to gossip that he was telling people he was the creator, but they feared talking in this way would cause a desire in others to follow down the path of trying to be the creator and rebel
We as creations all have our creator as our parent, it is not seperate only to the Jews of Israel, we all love God (Yodh He Waw He) so you know and can sympathize with why the Jews of Israel got so worried and made the mistake
They were defending the creator from someone they assumed was starting a war and rebellion, he himself claiming to be God, while Jesus did not actually claim he himself was God (Yodh He Waw He) the Jews lacked comprehension of words Jesus spoke
Again the words were”If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”
And again Jesus of the new testament was saying that if people had seen that man they could then also see Yodh He Waw He
Now you want to know more about that yes?
Did Jesus have a picture of Yodh He Waw He on his body?
Maybe he did….. We can learn more about that later
So the Jews believed their saviour and messiah was Yodh He Waw He (God) and they did not believe the jesus of the new testament was the prophet that the prophecy spoke of
The thing is, when someone saves your life and the lives of the ones you love, you possibly feel in debt to that person more than normal, so these Jews saved from Egypt got paranoid a little easy
So the new christian trend of saying Yodh He Waw He is the messiah, the saviour, the Jesus Christ
Its actually a Jewish religious belief that the hero of the story is Yodh He Waw He (God) not his son the healer
Now its really splitting hairs, and this was a emotionally deep and bonding experience, but its much simpler and leads to a improved and good future to comprehend, Mr. God is Yodh He Waw He and his son of the new testament was his priest, they are a team but seperate people
So what I am asking you is that people dont start to believe the man of the new testament is the same Yodh He Waw He
In short, Yodh He Waw He did not get crucified by the Jews, his son the healer did
And dont worry and dont stress, that son begged Yodh He Waw He not to hate them for their error, he knew they though looking adult, were still young and learning, having an age, even if rounded up, of only 1% of the creator, so Jesus of the new testament perceieved them as Yodh He Waw He’s childrens, and that jesus tried to protect them by begging Yodh He Waw He not to punish them for erring on the 10 commandments and common love for each other
So if you ever hear Jesus Is God, Please comprehend God (Yodh He Waw He) the creator did not come down born as a jesus of the new testament and get crucified
Ive heard a lot about it from churchly sources and I could see things were headed in the wrong direction

Never Underestimate Prayer

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