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The Ying Yang And Friction

The ying yang represents the cycle of the sun and moon the white dot is the moon at night

The black dot is the sun during the day

Now its possible your thinking the sun is red, but if you look at it with your eyes for about 5-10 seconds its darkens visually to black

We have had tv in black and white, but everyone loves color tv

So I imaged up a different style of ying yang

It is basically a friction (Stem of alchemy) ying yang, and it explains different layers to life

The black and white, and the color on top of it, with RGB in tvs you can make color tv pictures

Its a theory I have that green is extra, and color began with red and blue, and earlier than that came from black and white

Sounds skeptical huh?

Have you ever “Inverted” a picture? Thats done with black and white. yet color even shifts….maybe its not so skeptical?

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