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Your Valentines Day Gift, Sneak Peak Of Book 8 Chapter 4

Book 8 of the bohemian grove offerings seriesChapter 4 sneak peak, a valentines day present prearranged

“The Creation Is Passionate”

For our creator, what would the first creation be like once living? Would they be adept? Would they need modification? Would they love? Our creators desire to learn the answers to these questions caused a passionate desire for them to be answered. Our creator had much hope that the first creation would have the desires of its parent the creator and be capable of studying and learning, as well as becoming skilled.

History in our family gives a wealth of proof that we creations are a success, we have the desires, we have the minds, we have the patience, and most of all we love. These great belongings and the guidance of our creator have led us to become very very passionate. We find things we like and we pursue them. Love is something we value onto the same level as something else, being smart.

We are in awe of what we find to be beneficial. At times its nature, at times its studying our creator, the excitement of being a parent to sympathize what the creator does, considering outer space, studying magic and science, improving our crafting skills. What we find to benefit the ones we love, we try to learn, use, and improve. Our creator has had many passions and still does, thanks to our creator, and thanks to the Nothing that everything began from that is now a Something, we have become passionate.

It is not uncommon for a creation to have felt rushed, the thing is we are a large family and sometimes things happen fast. Conversations are left unfinished, desires sometimes are not fulfilled, it can be a bit overwhelming. But the beautiful thing about our family, is we continue to try, and yes, succeed.

A problem we are facing nowadays, and we have not as many easy answers to it, is that some of us have experience tradgedy, very fast, very often, and yet we constantly see everyone else around us very happy and having a very easy time. This cant be traumatic to such a young creation. But let me give you hope and the truth.

Our creator began living in this Nothing everything began from that then was a something as a creature, very intimidated by the place they found themself in. Space was dangerous and learning happened by attempt, and not every attempt was pleasant. Our creator had a difficult life in some times, not always feeling very lucky or loved. Our creator, discovered a passion, a passion that cheered up their feelings and comforted away the fear and sorrow. Our creator found gains in the place, our creator survived death, and our creator learned the word invincibility.

Pain is something we have learned and well…nobody likes it, and thats good, its a survival helper not a pleasantry. During early life in this place our creator had more pain than deserved, but once learning the pain stopped, and death was a mirage, our creator could gain and not worry so much. With realization for our creator that they would always live, and that their were certain ways to avoid pain, even ways to experience pleasure, our creator became passionate and happy, happy enough to dance.

Fear of death in our family has been a wrecking ball upon our happy attitude. Our creator wanted us to experience his history and beginning to life. To dislike pain and to fear death. To even go as far as hating death. But then to have the miracle of continuing to live, in the same old Nothing, where when someone has this gift and blessing, and they learn this, thats when the real gain can begin. Because when you have proof this Nothing that now is a Something is a place of eternal life, you start to invest in yourself, and even others, and why? Because you get to keep it.

Much love, this chapter written the day before Valentines Day for everyone who deserves it, and that is you.

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